Transmission costs an arm and a leg! on 2001 Acura CL

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When i speed up my car while driving over 40-45 it jerks very often and it loos as though its coming to a halt. I've also experienced slipping from D to 4, I felt unsafe so I called for a towing service, this guy took me to a newly opened garage service. They diagnosed and took for a test drive, told me that there was nothing wrong with the car. Then I opted to take the car along with the sales person for a test drive, my car jerked often, n in the middle of the busy road. The guy's heart was in his mouth, said he will refund the diagnostic money and asked me to take the car somewhere else, better at the Honda dealer in the city. The following morning I had to tow my car again which cost me over 200 bucks. The Honda dealer diagnosed it and said it was the Transmission which needs to be replaced. The sales person's estimated price was an arm and a leg (bet.5-6 grand). Presently I cannot afford an expensive repair or even buy another car. My this repair soooo expensive? Is there any place that can be done at a reasonable cost? The car works par excellent and is in good shape, it's just for this transmission assembly. You answer and help is appreciated.
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Check with a local transmission specialty shop to rebuild your transmission. Always check the warranty they offer. Another solution would be a used trans, Good Luck.