Transmission compatibility on 2001 Ford Taurus

The fluid in my taurus is now dark and smells burnt. So, I guess I will be replacing the tranny. Someone locally has an AX4S available from a 2000 Windstar. Would this one work for me? Wikipedia shows the various vehicles that supposedly uses this transmission. Can anyone else verify this is accurate, or guide to a better resource?

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winstars have a 3.8 motor and may use the AXOD, not the A4NS. the bottom of the pan syas the unit type on the pan. they must be the same. i would not interchange the unit

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Is the transmission has a problem? Incorrect shifting, noise, etc...?
Dark and burnt fluid might be normal if you haven't done the service regularly. If no problems with the transmission, just get a fluid and filter service.

The transmission has been slipping in 3rd gear, it most recently threw a p0733 code.
is it sliping or doing something wrong if no service trans use so lukus trans stop slip