transmission change on 1993 Mercury Tracer

got all bolts of but one,this bar is in my way .cant get socket in the last bolt what or how can i get the last one out.

Did you try a universal (swivel) socket? How about an offset wrench? Can you remove that bar? Be sure to leave another bolt, or two, in the trans. so it doesn't put pressure on this bolt you are talking about until IT is removed!
thank you ill try that.i am a women trying to do it my self.never done this before so thanks so much.amd no i could not move the bar its to rusted.and i i did not wont to break the bolt .its holding my motor mount on it,thanks again.
You are welcom. I admire your will power, that's a pretty big task! Be careful and good luck with this!
you help me out alot.thanks again.