Transmission acting up on 1994 Chrysler LHS

Sometimes when I come to a stop, I have a delayed reaction from acceleration to driving forward. A couple of days ago my transmission stayed in 3rd gear on the freeway. I just changed my fluid and filter and they were both very clean. No shavings on the magnet. My car has 140k on it.

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Really need to go to a very good Transmission Shop and have them test drive your car, before it gets worse or even strands you.
that's an answer ??!!
I'm sorry. I'm not a computer person at all, just wanted to know what that particular person was talking about. I've drove old classic my whole life and never had to ask anybody anything cause I guarantee you, I knew more than they did and probably more than you too. A lot of people won't ask question cause they are afraid looking or feeling stupid and it's because of assholes like you. I'm sure that's what your intention was with your reply to me but it didn't work, I think you made yourself look that way. If you knew anything at all you would have just tried to help or you would be doing something besides flapping your gums online trying to look like you know something about absolutely nothing. Okay, I'm done and won't be visiting this site again, later.