transmission on 1995 Ford Thunderbird

I have problems getting my car to move on it's own. It has set for a couple years and the transmission won't pull could i have fluid circulation problems?

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Start your car and let it idle, then check the ATF level of your transmission fluid, it may be low. It could be a lot of things but I think that your trans fluid level is the first thing to check.

flushing may help but this sounds bad. How many miles are on your Ford? Are there any lights on such as a Check Engine Light? Does the car just rev and not move when it is in gear?
i have changed the fluid in the transmission and the car hasn't improved. Would it be safe to say that flushing could fix this problem? I'm not near the car but if you put it in drive it revs close to 3 or 4 grand and creeps along. Would you replace tranny