Transmission on 2003 Ford Windstar

My transmission was replaced with a rebuilt one from the after market warrenty company and installed by the ford dealership 1 month ago.The dealership also installed two sensors(dont know which ones) that the replacement transmission did not come with. They wanted to replace the transmission because they found metal shavings in the pan while looking into my problem. I still have the same problem...I get an intermittent kick from 1st gear into 2nd gear....either when hot or cold....when up shifting or down shifting...This happens only so often...even after having the trans!!!!!

by in Mount Sinai, NY on June 24, 2011
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ANSWER by on June 24, 2011
this is a warranty item. you need to go back to the dealership and leave it with them. do not accept it back until you test drive it with the service manager and the problem is fixed. Roy
COMMENT by on June 24, 2011
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