1998 Honda Odyssey Q&A

1998 Honda Odyssey Question: transmission

had transmission fuild changed 2months ago by transmission shop they said it checked out fine, just today it started to act up by not shifting into gear after car ran for awhile, was fine at the first part of the day. -
Answer 1
Has the Check Engine Light come on? Check the transmission fluid level. It is checked with the engine off. I have seen problems with these transmissions. -
Comment 1
yes engine light did turn on, had to disconnect battery to reset computer, light went off, took it for test drive the next day and it ran fine with a little hesitate between 1st and 2nd gear. -
Comment 2
When the light comes on it will store a code in the computer. A scan tool is needed to determine what area of the transmission or drive train has problems. I have seen problems with the transmissions. -
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