Transmission on 2001 Audi A6 Quattro

Alright, My father and i just refilled the transmission fluid, now we go take it for a test drive and the gears won't shift easily when the do we get a jerk from the car, can anybody help.

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When one or more components or sensors fail, the Transmission Control Module- activates the appropriate functions or Emergency programs. This ensures a destruction-free operation of the automatic with some effect on the function and quality shifting. The control module is equipped with a Diagnostic Trouble Code memory so that in the event of an electronic/electrical component failure the fault can be determined quickly. Your local repair shop should perform a diagnostic with the aid of a scantool of your On Board Diagnostic system and inspect for stored trouble codes for your Transmission electrical components.

Where is the dip stick for the tranny
Did you fill it using the fill/overflow port versus ATF temp as outlined in the manual?
If not it will behave as you describe.