transmission on 2002 Isuzu Rodeo

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my rodeo will not back up or go foward. the light came on saying check the transmission. will I need a new transmission or will I just need to take it in to have the transmission fluid clean and change the truck has 86,000 miles.
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Have the transmission oil level checked. Unfortunately the automatic transmission oil is not checked in the traditional way ( a dip stick accessed from the engine compartment). The transmission oil level is checked with the engine running transmission oil temperature 90 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Oil should drip out of the filler plug at the front left side of the transmission oil pan. Dexron 3 transmission oil is added if the oil level is found to be low. If the oil level is low leaks must be investigated and repaired.
As Matte has said your transmission may have more serious issues that need to be investigated by a professional garage.
Unfortunately, it's pretty unlikely that a simple change of the fluid would solve a problem that is causing for the transmission to not work for you at all.

Best bet is to take it to a good shop and have the problem diagnosed. It may not be a complete transmission job, if you're lucky.