Transmission on 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

Some idiot towed my truck with the transmission in park and the transfer case NOT in neutral. The truck was off and locked. Now my check engine light is on and the codes are related specifically to the tranny. Do I have recourse against this idiot. The truck has less than 52000 miles. Thanks.

It really depends on why it was towed and how it was towed. It sounds like they didn't drag it onto a flat bed to tow it. Did they lift up the rear wheels and use dollies for the front wheels? If they used dollies and the wheels didn't spin much, there may not be permanent damage. If they picked up the front of the truck and drove away, I imagine your transmission is going to have many issues since it was in park (park pawl), and the trans was not being lubricated (pump is driven on the input), and the parking brake was likely on.

If it was towed illegally, you might have some recourse but I don't know enough about the law to give you advice to that effect. Your insurance company may be able to give you advice or you can talk to a local police officer and ask about the law.