transmission on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2002 chrysler town and country. We had the transmission rebuilt at 120,000 miles. It now has 190,000 miles on it. My wife drove to work last week with no problems whatsoever. When she got off work she went to leave, started the van, put it in reverse and the van wouldn't move. Drive was the same way. You can feel the van go into gear but it will not move. I jacked the van up and tried and still the tires will not move in either gear. In neutral the tires will turn free, but in gear I can't even turn them with it in gear and giving it gas and trying to turn them by hand. I

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It once again sounds like a serious transmission problem. Had the transmission oil been regularly serviced?
I haven't changed the fluid and filter since the rebuild. Codes I pulled are po720, po740, and po888. One of these is for output speed sensor, I changed it last night but it didn't help ( the part was cheap so I thought what the heck? couldn't hurt). Could it just be the solenoid pack needs replacing?
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I'm now having this same problem with my transmission, except I seem to be able to drive it when the tranny fluid is cold. Once it worms up I have the slipping. I'm not positive that the transmission is the problem, or no one can seem to locate the correct way to fix it. I'm leaning more toward a module or a censor.