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2005 Suzuki Verona Question: transmission

transmission ,the place to fill it -
Answer 1
The fluid gets pumped in from below with special equipment. Sorry you have to see a service center for this one. Many manufactures are not letting owners access their fluids any more do to the wide variety of Trans fluids available which are all different. Putting the incorrect fluid in will destroy the trans.If you would like us to look at it just call me and schedule an appointment (313-562-7022). I am sure we can figure it out for you. Larry -
Comment 1
yea how much would a simple job like that would cost -
Answer 2
just got done draining and refiling it,not a easy job,there is a filland drain plug underneith the veiacal on the right side of the transmition it takes 4.2 quarts,but thats not the problim,you have to get the car up and level,high enough to change it -
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