transmission on 1996 Lexus GS300

Hello sir thanks for the respond.this is what I had to do today sunday 02/05/2012 I pulled the transmission pan and filter out I found inside the filter shreded plastic it looked like clear plastic. So I cleaned the filter and the valv body reinstalled the filter and pan back on added transmission fluid started the engine all back to normall. So I took the for a drive about 20 miles the grinding sound is back and it started to slip. This is what I am thinking could it be the filter is deffected cause the plastic that I found inside could be coming out of the filter. And after when I cleaned it the car drove normall. So it wouldn't be the transmission fault correct? Well you tell me what do you think. (the sound is like power steering pump out of fluid) thank you............

by in Modesto, CA on February 07, 2012
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ANSWER by on February 07, 2012
the plastic could be the bushings for the planetary gears. you need a trans shop because if i am right, the trans will have to be removed to be repaired. Roy
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