transmission on 2002 Dodge Caravan

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transmission seems to work intermittently....shutting engine off and letting it sit a minute and then turning it back on will cause it to move but only for a few hundred feet and then it will not move again.
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Hello , im a litle unclear of the problem you are having , however there are two speed sensors on the transmission that are very common for going bad, they are located right above the selenoid pack. more than likely this is your problem providing all the basics have been check ,, can you get any transmission codes out of the computer , that may aslo help in diagnosis
i would make sure the fluid level is full,, how many miles does it have on it ??/ if it is high mileage , then you might have to get it rebuilt , sounds like it may be slipping,, also chech the trans computer for any codes..
thanx Mastertech for your answer..maybe i wasnt clear enough .. sorry ... My wife was driving it coming home from the store when she said she noticed no response when she accelerated around the corner. She shut the motor off and restarted it...she kept doing this for the next mile or so before she finally called the tow truck. does this still sound like a solonoid pack or sensor to you?