transmission? on 2009 Ford Focus

I have an automatic transmission. When i accelerate the rpms go way to high to reach the next gear/speed. Sounds like the engine wants to fly out from under the hood. When I accelerate the rpms go up to 4000 + and stay at about 3000 at 55 mph. My transmission fluid level is good the color is good and only on occasion does it feel like it is slipping between 1st and second. I have 28,000 miles on my car this happens on flat roads, and worse on hills. My gas milage is not as good either. I know its my transmission but the dealership says no my car is fine. My 05 focus did the same at 12,000 miles and they rebuilt it. what should I do?

by in Allison Park, PA on January 22, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 22, 2011
Have you brought a dealership technician for a drive with you so you can demonstrate the problem. It sounds like the transmission is bad. Insist they go for a drive with you!
COMMENT by on January 22, 2011
No they had my car for a week but I'm a girl what do I know? I asked for a factory rep. Took them forever with my 05 to say it was transmission. I think it might be the bands
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