Transmission on 1997 Mercury Sable

Where is the filler cap located for the addition of transmission fluid. Near the dip stick? Manual does not show location.

by in Kent, WA on February 07, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 07, 2009
You add automatic transmission fluid through the dipstick tube using a funnel. You can get them for a very low price at parts stores. Here are some instructions on how to check the fluid: It is very important to maintain the proper fluid level in an automatic transaxle. If the level is either too high or too low, poor shifting operation and internal damage are likely to occur. For this reason, a regular check of the fluid level is essential. It is best to check fluid at normal operating temperature. There are LOW and FULL marks on the dipstick with a crosshatched area in between. 1. Drive the vehicle for 15-20 minutes or idle it at a fast idle speed (about 1200 rpm), allowing the transaxle to reach operating temperature. When the fluid is warm, allow the engine to idle normally. 2. Park the car on a level surface, apply the parking brake and leave the engine idling. Make sure the parking brake is FIRMLY ENGAGED. 3. Depress the brake pedal and shift the transaxle engaging each gear, then place the selector in P (PARK) position. 4. Keep the engine running and open the hood. Locate the transaxle dipstick. Wipe away any dirt in the area of the dipstick to prevent it from falling into the filler tube. Withdraw the dipstick, wipe it with a clean, lint-free rag and reinsert it until it fully seats. 5. Withdraw the dipstick and hold it horizontally while noting the fluid level. It should be between the LOW and FULL marks (in the crosshatched area) of the dipstick when the temperature of the fluid is at normal operating temperature. 6. If the level is below the LOW mark, use a funnel and add fluid in small quantities through the dipstick filler neck. Keep the engine running while adding fluid and check the level after each small amount. Do NOT overfill, as this could lead to foaming and transaxle damage or seal leaks. Since the transaxle fluid is added through the dipstick tube, if you check the fluid too soon after adding fluid, an incorrect reading may occur. After adding fluid, wait a few minutes to allow it to fully drain into the transaxle. Make sure you use the recommended fluid specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
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