Transmission on 2002 Hyundai Accent

Can you replace a broken automatic transmission with a rebuilt one? The car is already quite old, but it runs well otherwise

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Yes... Nine years old isn't that old for a California car. A "new" transmission at the dealer is probably rebuilt. A quality rebuild or reman transmission may even be better than the original one since any problems will have been discovered and rebuilders should know and upgrade during their repairs. The real important question here is cost and warrantee... if you like the car and the rest really is in good shape; timing belt and services done etc., it is cheaper than looking for a new car. Transmissions are the second most expensive repair after major engine work, so do it if you like the car. Want to move on, now's the time.
Dana Meyer Auto Care, Albany
When your vehilce is good shape except for one component like a transmission then it a good candidate for a reman transmission. We have two vendors that we buy reman/rebuilt from and they have 3yr/36K warranties. Should be about $2,800 for th ejob.
Yes when a trans shop replaces it will be yours rebuilt or a reman trans on the shelf or shipped in.
Or call Tom at Bayshore Transmission he can give you advice what to do and tell him Repairpal sent you