transmissin oil drain plug location on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

Where is the drain plug on transmission for 1999 plymouth breeze

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There are no drain plugs located on the transmission. The oil pan must be removed to drain fluid and replace fiilters.
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there is no drian plug for a transmission oil. If you are thinking about changing the fluid, undo the transmission pan. be sure to find out how much fluid came out. What I would do is put two quarts of new fluid in once the transmission pan gasket is replaced. the filler tube is where the transmission dip stick is located at. use a funnal. put two quarts of fluid in woitht he car off. start the car, (DO NOT REV THE ENGINE) then continue with another quart. put the dip stick bacck in the tube, pull it out wipe it clean put it back in check the level. it will tell you how much more you need. One thing to remember. When disconeecting the pan bolts, loosen the bolts that are on the corner of the pan the most, this way the oil will drain much easier and make sure the engine is cold. Fluid is as hot as engine oil