1999 Audi A6 Quattro Q&A

1999 Audi A6 Quattro Question: Transmision Shifter

couple weeks ago, my car start giving me some knid of problems like: I can't get to gear "2" and the shifter wasn't smooth. The reverse lights stay on even if the car is on "D" driving. I can change gear even I do not ahve my foot on the Break. The shoe icon by the shifter is not iluminated more. In "D" position my car sounds like I am driving in "2" position , if I take off my foot from the Accelerator the car will almost stop as if I am pushing the break pedal. Please help me I believe is something from the Shifter, but can damage my transmision. Thanks guy!! -
Answer 1
It sounds like the shift cable but you should also check the nuetral safety switch. You should be able to put the vehicle into gear without having your foot on the brake. -
Comment 1
Yes, I am able to put the vehicle into gear R,N,D,4,3 without having my foot on the brake and If I try to put the vehicle into gear "2" the shifter come back to gear "3". Thanks I will check the shift cable and neutral safety switch. -
Answer 2
Common issue on those I have seen in that the stop lamp switch may be stuck on. Check that one also. -