transmision problem ,shifting rough on 2001 Mercedes-Benz E430 4MATIC

hi ,transmision kiking in the bigining but then later drives smooth and shifting up and down very well,engin light came on yesterday ,i can not find transmission fluid stick to see is there enough fluid ,please help to locate
and how serious could be the damage?????.
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There is no dipstick in the tube, it's available to service stations. You can buy one from the MB dealer, but it won't come with the car.
My suggestion is: take your car to the dealer or to an independent MB shop (it might be cheaper) to get the fluid condition and level checked. The sooner is better. There might be no damage at this time and by replacing the ATF or correcting the fluid level will correct the problem.
When you call the shop, make sure they have the dipstick and the CORRECT MB transmission fluid!

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I have the dipstick tool to check it, we also have the tool to talk to the transmission computer. You could bring it by for a quick check.
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I am having this same transmission behaviour. What could be the problem?
I had exact same problem with my c-280 1997. I found out transmission fluid system is sealed and there is no
dip stick. Fluid leaked gradually over the years and
caused similar problem. Shops told me transmission has
gone bad. Very expensive to change. I traded the car.
If your car is reletively new, may want to repair.