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Ford Escape Hybrid Abnormal Noise From Driveline

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An abnormal noise may develop from the transfer case. At this time parts are not available to repair internal damage to this type of transfer case, replacement is the only option. It is not uncommon for irregular tire wear to cause a similar noise. Diagnoses should be performed to confirm the actual cause of the driveline noise. Tire noise can be reduced by rotating the tires at least every 5000 miles.

What an expensive repair! I've been given the option of a new transfer case around 2k or a used one around $800. What a bummer. Like others, I've heard a clunk when in reverse and thought nothing of it. Today on the highway, I wondered if I was going to make it to the repair shop. While the vehicle was on the lift, I heard it for myself. Why isn't Ford stepping up on problems like these? -
After front tire wore off to the core, I changed 2 front tires at the dealer. Right after collecting car the problem happened: Rubbing(like too metal plates rubbing to each other) noise from front side ONLY WHEN CAR DECELERATES or REVERSE. The does not go away for all gear positions (N/D/L), and does not matter the road is smooth or rough, hard left/right turns etc. However the noise disappears when car accelerates. Did a check on the hoist, found noise comes from Transfer Case (or PTU as Ford calls it), and was advised to change transfer case. Changed Transfer Case and so far no issue. So be careful to rotate and change tires frequently to avoid damaging Transfer Case. -
Same noise and problem as others described with the transfer case. I do not drive vehicles hard and take very good care of my vehicles. Never off road. Ford dealer quoted $4,400 to replace with a new transfer case. Almost the value of the car. -
Transfer case failed. Car has been well maintained. Sounds to me like a design flaw. Called to order the part and found its on its tenth redesign. You would think Ford would stand by their product and repair these since it is a design flaw -
Had the PTO fail for an "unknown reason". Cost was estimated around 2k for new one. -
Heard basically the "tin cans tied under the car" and completely lost power to back up all at once. Have new tires and replaced (supposedly) the Transmission Fluid just months ago. Dealer says Power Take Off unit has to be replaced. I asked what could've caused this - said he has no idea.. Says parts and labor are $1312.44 which sounds better than what others are reporting but also sounds like the dealer or Ford should be taking some responsibility.. -
Suddenly developed loud noise like dragging tin cans. Took it to AAMCO. They opened the transfer case and reported catastrophic failure of a bearing. New transfer case and labor will run to $1750 plus tax. -
Took the car in for a brake check and the dealer told me that the transfer case needs to be replaced because it is leaking. I have experienced a clunk like noise when in reverse but thought that had to do with the regenerative brake system. -
Had the same issues as others on this thread. The car would make a little thud when switching into reverse. One time there was a large thud and the car would only roll three feet and make a really loud grinding noise and it felt like a sudden speed bump. Repair was about $2,500. Was not 100% satisfied with the repair, the car still makes a very slight thud occasionally but the dealer wasn't interested in getting it right. They must know there is a design flaw. -
dealer is telling me $4500 for a new transfer case! Might need to replace the brakes and tires too! -
Mine turned out to be abnormal noise from irregular tire wear, as I was only having them rotated about every 3rd oil change. -
Noise - precursor to failure of transfer case. Quoted $2600 or $1700 used. Never off-roaded. Really unimpressed that it is having this problem with such low mileage. Not repairing, just getting rid of it. -
I recently took my ford escape with the 3.0L engine and the automatic transfer case to ford and they told me it was a hanger bearing on the driveshaft... i changed it and a u joint...backed it off hoist in my shop was even worse when i backed it off... (it jolted like the rear end was gone) so i looked closer and its the transfer case ... so far i have pulled tires off...pulled tie rods.. pulled lower control arms... pulled axles...exhaust chunk that unbolts with o2 sensor on front and driveshaft where it unbolts in middle right before hanger bearing... had to pull alternator to get upper intake manifold off and crossmember with the four bolts... what a dumb setup i must say...and i went to ford to buy a new trasfer case (ptu) and they wanted upwards of 5 grand for a new 1 and over 2 for a rebuilt 1 so i bought one from a auto wrecker for 500$ and honestly would not recomend a ford escape to anybody... dont even have 20000 km since i bought it and ive had to replace starter... abs sensor... transfer case... tires ...hanger bearing... 2 u joints...a frame on driver side rear... and alot more nothing but troubles with it... paid 7 grand also for it... and have over 10k into it.... -
Transfer case had to be replaced. -
Yep. At the unbelievably low mileage of 46,000 mi, mine has failed now too. Whats shocking as well is that I observed all standard maintenance visits. My mechanic is helping me out with a $1000- job> but thats a $1000-/job.... Considering how much of the time this vehicle sits still in the parking lot> Im furious about this event. Come on, Ford! Get Right! -
What a fine Christmas gift. We never missed a single maintenance schedule. -
Oscillating humming noise at freeway speed (60-70) developed in past few weeks, took it to dealer (Ford of Kirkland). They say it is the PTU, $3500 to replace with a new PTU, so try changing the fluid for $169. I did the fluid change, but it still makes the noise. Not worth $3500, will explore other options. Need new tires too and might try that first in case it is causing the problem, but if it doesn't fix the problem, I have invested another in a dead end. -
Transfer case leaking on recently purchased 2005 Ford Escape. Quoted $1400 on repair/replace. Watch out for Freeway Ford in Denver. They will cheat you. -
Quote for the part was almost 1400 $ and 800 in labour. First it was the noise and for a while i left it alone.. then something really went bad so I had to tow the car to the dealer. -
2005 Ford Escape (Not hybrid). Developed loud moan only when turning tight at low speeds (i.e. into and out of parking spaces, parking decks, etc.). Increased over time, but still no noise or symptoms at highway speeds or when driving straight. Took it to Ford dealer who claimed it was a rear differential, but after exploring more and looking at the common problems discovered it is more likely the transfer case. Lived in GA but only developed after using 4WD frequently while in Colorado this winter. Quoted at $2200. This is the second huge repair I've had to do since buying the car a year ago. Getting rid of this lemon! -
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