Transfer case leakage UPDATE...Looking for ideas.... on 1999 GMC Yukon

5.7L V8 Auto 4wd trans (4L60E)Changed trans fluid/filter/seal/gasket. All good. Noticed rear TRANSFER case "dripping" fluid. Removed plug and "milky/red/white" fluid drains...only about 1/2 quart. I replaced w/ Dex6 Trans fluid. I put back in 2 qts. Tiny leak, ok a year ago, now the thing is "dripping". I get up in there and with a white cloth and cleaner, and clean the whole thing to find a hairline crack, and I mean a hairline on the back side above but not in one of the bottom bolt housings. I put EPOXY on it for now. Other than replacement, any ideas on sealing? Can I spot weld or solder it? Any ideas appreciated.

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Replacement of the cracked transfer case would be the best option for your 1999 GMC Yukon.
I am beginning to think that. JB Welded a hairline crack together & RTV Black Gasket seal around the seal. We will see. R