1997 Mercury Mountaineer Q&A

1997 Mercury Mountaineer Question: transfer case leak

I was told I have transfer case leaks. Is this an easy, inexpensive repair? What does this indicate? -
Answer 1
Any time your dealing with the transfer case it can be expensive, but do you see any fluid on the ground? Maybe get another opinion www.repiarpal.com/directory -
Comment 1
I will receive second opinion most definately. I do not notice any fluid on ground, but I will keep an eye out. -
Comment 2
Sometimes the engines oil drain plug will leak a little and as you drive it will blow back over the drive train and make it look like somethings leaking, maybe just go thru a chevron oil stop periodically and get you oil changed and they will top off all drive train fluids and give you a report of whats leaking or low on fluid -
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