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2003 Ford Expedition Question: Transfer Case Leak

What should the average cost be to have a leak in the transfer case repaired? Also, is the transfer case considered a part of the power train? -
Answer 1
The transfer case is part of the drivetrain, unless your talking about a "drivetrain warranty", then you will need to refer to the warranty info for your vehicle to know exactly what is covered under that warranty. Often times, leaks may or may not be covered. The cost to repair depends on what is leaking, so there really is no "average" cost until the source is determined. -
Answer 2
i have transfer case leak on 1996 dodge dakota -
Answer 3
i have a jeep liberty 2005 and i just had a oil change and they said i had a transfer case leak what is it and how much will it cost to have it repaired -
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