Transfer case and how to improve mileage on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

The bearing on the transfer case is loose. I just replaced the transfer case last year. Also I get 460 kilometers per 128 litre tank..I had a complete tune up changed there any thing else I can do...I bought new tires had 265 75 R16 now have 245 75R16 is this the cause..Help...Thanks John

1 answer
Are you sure your transfer case is failing again? That seems awfully soon for a bearing to be failing again.

In any case, the 245/75R16 is a shorter tire than the 265/75R16 (essentially a 31" tire vs a 32" tall tire). This will make your engine run at a higher rpm at a given speed than your old (taller) tire. You may have noticed a slight increase in acceleration performance. Tire pressure can also influence gas mileage, maybe the shop set it fairly low for comfort? hope this helps!