transaxle or transmission on 2002 Ford Taurus

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my 2002 taurus front tires will still turn even when car is in park when car is on jack stands, plus it is making a popping sound when wheel is turned to the left. what could be the issue?
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But both will not turn in the same direction while in park, have a helper hold one wheel while you try to turn the other. Or just jack up one wheel and try to turn it with shifter in park. With all 4 wheels on the ground and brakes off, can you push the car when it is in park?? Check suspension and steering componets for the noise.
The popping noise when turning is most likely a CV joint. Check if Rubber Boots on front axle shafts are torn or leaking grease. Once the CV joints start popping sound you must replace it. If joint breaks car will not drive.