Trans sensor (check engine light) on 1998 Jeep Cherokee

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got a check engine light on my 1998 jeep cherokee (178K miles) for a bad transmision sensor. vehicle runs and shifts great. Light came on immediatly after battery was ran dead and had to be restarted. ALSO I have noticed oil on the crank case around the CCV valve what the heck do I do with that ridge mess of hoses.... I dont want to break it and make more of a job.

Thanks for the help
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I would record the exact code you have, then erase the codes and drive it, see if the light comes back on. The battery issue may have caused this, but it's hard to know without performing some tests and checks.
Your intuition is right, if something looks too difficult, leave it to an experienced professional, or you may do more damage and end up paying much more.