trans problem on 1995 Mercury Sable

I am having some transmission problems. I had a trans line come off and after I got it put back on the car wont drive in reverse, but it does shift into reverse. When you give it gas it bogs down. It drive perfectly in drive and hits every gear like it should. Please help with any answers you may have.

by in Adell, WI on October 05, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 07, 2009
It sounds like when the line came off the transmission it may have damaged the transmission, but this is merely a guess. Check the fluid level and if it's OK, then you should have a shop look into this problem.
ANSWER by on April 14, 2010
Always try the simplest/cheapest option first. Check the fluid level! Automatic transmissions are very fickle, and poor shifting is often just a low fluid level. Next step. When the line came off, it could have gotten some dirt or other foreign material in it. The lines need to be extremely clean. Even a small amount of dirt can clog a auto tranny valve body. I would get the vehicle warm and then drain the transaxle. Look for particles in the tranny fluid. Replace the filter and look for particles in the filter. If this doesn't solve it, try one more time, same procedure. If it still shifts poorly, you may need a new valve set for the tranny.
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