1999 BMW 740i Q&A

1999 BMW 740i Question: trans has a pause in catching when accelorator depressed.

Sometimes now when I am turning a corner or speeding up after a coasting roll and press the gas the transmission seems to pause before catching. could the transmission be about to go? how do I change the fluid on this none service unit? Also,the check engine light comeson upon start but does not comeback on after reset code. Code is secondary air intake. HowdoI repair this I do most of the maintenance on my vehicles to save on costs. -
Answer 1
seek a free diag and est from aamco then shop prices -
Answer 2
Yes, the transmission may be about to go...you cannot change fluid on a non-servicable transmission...It is normal a code may not come back right away after resetting...replace your transmission but correctly diagnose your secondary air intake circuit before just replacing it. -