trans fluid on 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe

i'm trying to find out where i can buy diamond atf splll, or sk atf splll trans fluids. my local hyundai dealer parts dept. had some hyundai fluid, but it was only $4.50 a qt., so i didn't think that it was synthetic that my santa fe calls for. any help appreciated.

by in Springfield, OH on December 28, 2009
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ANSWER by on December 28, 2009
Your Hyundai dealer should be selling you the right spec. They should be able to look it up by your VIN and be sure. Why do you think they don't know what the are doing?
COMMENT by on December 29, 2009
to matte, the reason is that they told me that the service dept puts the same fluid in ALL hyundai's. my service manual tells me that hyundai changed fluid specs in 2008, the year of my car (and also in 2010). that's why i'm asking for info on diamond or sk. thanks for answering!
COMMENT by on December 29, 2009
Hmmmmmm. I'd still be very surprised is the dealer was using something for your car out of spec, but if you are just talking to the parts person and they aren't looking at the car, then something could definitely be out of whack. If you have a NAPA store near you, you should be able to get any of those fluids through them.
ANSWER by on July 09, 2010
That's about the average price. You can get it at Advanced Auto Parts for $4.99 per quart.
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