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1996 Dodge Grand Caravan Question: trans

trans not shifting gets stuck in one gear rpm keeps going up just had another trans put in same problem. could this be a problem in the computer system -
Answer 1
This could be a sensor problem, a computer problem or a wiring problem. It is common for the transmission harness to rub and chafe on these vehicles which causes trans operation problems. -
Answer 2
I had this EXACT same problem after changing the transmission oil in my 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L. All of a sudden my van wouldn't go into reverse until it warmed up a bit, then we'd be going down the road and it would just jump into 1st gear and we'd have to pull off the side of the road. Thinking it was the transmission, we had it replaced. Well it kept doing the same exact thing. We (and our transmission guy) were at our wits end. After months of grief and experimentation we found out that it is all about the transmission oil. Make sure you put the original brand of oil (MOPAR) in the transmission. We had our transmission guy (who was sick of seeing us by this time) change the transmission oil back to MOPAR - and we have had zero problems for 3 months now! Good luck! -
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