Trans on 1993 Hyundai Elantra

This car was given to me. It runs great but the trans slip. People tell me it is the trans coumputer. I never heard of this. Can someone please tell me where is the trans computer?

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When a transmission starts to slip gears it is usually caused by internal problems. Automatic transmission is electronically controlled. Shifting is controlled by Transmission Control Module. It would be best to have your local repair shop perform a diagnostic of computer control system with the aid of an automotive scanner and perform road test to diagnose transmission slip.
Unfortunately, you may have to go to a number of transmission shops to get an answer. They will most likely give you a vague explanation and want to take it apart and rebuild for much dinero $. However, many problems can be fixed by replacing electrical parts such as tps / speed sensor and/or simply resetting car computer.

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It sounds like one of the transmissuin sensors. I had 1 go bad and tookk me 20 minutes to replace. talk with Hyundai parts and get an OBD scan done at a part store for free and it will tell you what sensor.