tranmission on 1991 Ford Tempo

i need step by step on removing transmission

Asked by for the 1991 Ford Tempo
trans can only be removed from bottom lift vehicle drain fluid remove axles by removing castle nut from ball joint once that is done remove flex plate mounting nuts from torque converter remove cooler lines and speedometer cable unplug netral safety switch and shift linkage cable position trans jack under trans remove bell housing bolts and whole mount brackets for a snag free removal installation is reverse of removal good luck
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It's a good idea to get a repair manual if your going to work on your own vehicle, and it's never been easier or less expensive to get a good one for your vehicle. Try or and you can have one in minutes, for less than $30.00.
Read up on the job you are about to perform, it will show you what special tools you will need and you will be much better prepared to tackle any job on your vehicle.