tran slip? Occasional bucking on 1992 Lincoln Town Car

My 92 TC has 75000 miles and I am the second owner. The motor will race when I am (example) coasting up to a red light that turns green and I resume acceleration. When this happens I take my foot of the accelerator and the car settles into gear within a second or two. This happens maybe 4 times a month. I also notice that occasionally driving in the 25-35 mile range when I first take the car out that the car will buck (hesitate) for a second then continue with no problem. This happens with a little more frequency. I took the car into a trans repair and they read the codes and said they were clear. They also checked the oil and said it seemed slightly burned. I said should I change it and they said no as a change in fluid might create more problems. We test drove it twice and of course no anomaly occured. Question--is there likely to be a fairly inexpensive solution to this problem or am I looking at major bucks. Having only 75000 miles it doesn't seem that the trans should go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I'm not sure how problematic these transmission are, specifically, but if they are problematic, getting 75,000 miles in 18 years out of one is pretty good.

The shop's advice is good. If it's not a constant, recurring problem or a safety issue, then try and ignore it, because the fix will be thousands of dollars, if it even works to your satisfaction.