2006 Subaru Baja Q&A

2006 Subaru Baja Question: Trailer lites don't work

Bought wiring harness that attaches to the plug under the right rear fender, Baja's lites all work but trailer lites don't. Tried 2 harnesses. is there a seperat fuse that can fix this problem? -
Answer 1
Trl lights work hooked to a buddys vehic?... Trl grounded good to your vehic?? Trl light work at all/anytime??? .. Got a test light???? -
Comment 1
The lites worked for a while(2 months)on utility trailer. have a test plug that shows nothing going to plug on either harness, 1 is off brand, other is a subaru harness. Lites on vehicle work. -
Comment 2
Got to be a connection problem where harness hooks to vehicle... check ground circuit! -