trailer hitch plug turn signals operate opposite of each other. on 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

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Dealer istalled mopar hitch and 7 pin plug. intalled a couple installed in 2010. used 3 times. always checked with 4 way flasher. this past weekend checked with turn single switch and if the left is on the right signal on trailer flashes while the left flashes very dim and vise versa. Checked other trailer at my club and they performed the same. Took van to dealer and they said that it was my multi function switch in my steering column. I'm a little suspect to that answer and was wondering what you thought. They also wanted over $250 to replace it whan the hitch that is barely used cost me over $500. Needless to say i'm very disapointed and feel I was taken advantage of. If it is the multi function switch as they say how difficult is it to replace on my own? Frank aka doorknocker1
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the wire is backwards have it rechecked by the guy that did it
Thats exactly what I was thinking but the service desk guy @ the Chrysler dealership told me that everything on that harness plugs in to factory plugs. I think he was blowing smoke at me because I have never had a problem with my turn signals.
Bring the trailor with you , and have a WRITTEN guarantee , for the repairs. After they replace the Multi-function switch , plug your trailer in and verify proper operation. BEWARE , weak grounding or other high resistance in trailer wiring may be present and that may be the CAUSE of the multi-function switch failure.
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