trac/vsc off light remains on and check engine on 2000 Toyota 4Runner

The vehicle has 87000 miles. While traveling in stop and go traffic the Trac off/VSC Off lights and, the engine check lights on the dash board recently went on and remain on each time the vehicle is started, just happened yesterday. Every time I go start the car, and even drive it around for a while the same diagnostic code remains on

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Many sensors on modern cars report engine ,suspension, transmission, information to more than one computer in your car. I work on a lot of Toyotas you will most likely find that you have one problem not two, usually an engine emission sensor that is causing both lights to come on. Diagnostic codes are stored in the vehicle's computer and can be retrieved using a scantool that communicates with the computer in your car. We have in our Repairpal website an encyclopedia with in depth articles about computer, and computer control systems, emission and driveability problems.