traction light comes on car hesitates and jerks into motion on 2007 Chevrolet Impala

From a stopped position, especially when the wheel is turn when I accelerate my the traction control light comes on, care hesitates, then jerks into motion. Problem getting worse. What could it be

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Sounds like you need your traction controll module checked.
Thank you. I forgot to mention that sometimes it makes a grinding noise too.
Your traction control not only keeps your wheels from spinning out of control,but also helps your vehicle from to much slippage. If there is grinding, you may want to get your brakes checked as well.
Taking my car into the shop today. This morning the ABS light and check traction contol system lights came on. Could the wheel bearings be involved?
There is a chance that they could be causing the grinding, I would have your garage check that as well.
You are welcome