traction control,esp,bas? lights on on 2007 Chrysler Aspen

when starting no lights are on. when i get to about 80 kph the front brakes come on / traction control its quite the ride. then the chime comes on then the traction control light esp and bas? light come on i was told its a clockspring issue what else could it be ? a 25 cent fuse??

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See answer # 1!!!!! What kind of "scanner" do you have, or do you mean code reader??.
I got to get me a key board for this tablet pg, your post wasn't there when i looked a few min ago but no matter, same answer!
its a Innova it has a diagnostic program for the lap top but it hasnt been set up for that yet. it does pull engine codes and what part the code is reading. it has read a bad computer anyway its going to chrysler for the diagnostic and i said its the clockspring but the boss doesnt believe me so i hope it a abs contol module it costs more lol
Ok well good luck with it hope it works for you and let me know want it was.
I will for sure sorry i cant answer your data questions ill read the instruction manual better. i mostly use it to erase the codes which is funny because it erased those lights then when you go for the drive it all comes back kind of a fun ride when the traction control takes over on the ice lol. actuall it feels more like the front brakes engage before the lights come back on.
I had changed the rack and pinion before this issue came up
The dealer will fix you right up!! So good night.
i have to fix it they will diagnose it good night to you as well
Searched the Innova, I don't think it is what you think it is. To me it works the same as the CarMD, and I tried one to see what it does, not impressed. If you want to stay in the repair business you'll need to spend more then $500.00 for a top line scan tool.
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no abs codes or srs codes or dtc codes came up on my scanner
They won't on a code reader. You need to use a professional scanner to be able to read the other modules. A code reader like you have is a piece of s---t if you are trying to fix your own car. It will only read generic codes from the engine control module. If you want to check everything you need to spend $3,000 - $10,000 like we do.
nice we have a innova but the boss hasnt downloaded all the programs yet so we can use the lap top. but the scanner says vehicle not set up to be read which i find retarded. i figured the clockspring but the boss wants it checked first soooo off to chrysler it will go i hope it is the clockspring ill win the bet lol
What the hell is a innova
innova is the scanner tool we just got from the states ( im in Canada) it comes with a program that you hook a lap top for the diagnostic.
Is it blue tooth. Or wired to the lap top
it has a usb connector so ill assume its laptop
It's not a fuse; The best way to find out for sure before you do something you shouldn't is to have the Anti Lock Module scanned for the reason of the lights. It could be the clockspring, but it might not.