Traction control light comes on car starves fuel and wont pick up speed on 2000 Mazda Protege

i recently imported a mazda 323 from UK. after trunning for a few kilometers the car starves fuel and will not pick up speed. the traction control lights come on. it will not do this in the morning and evening when the temperatures will be low. i am in Zimbabwe

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have the codes scanned and post so we can adv
sorry but what kind of codes. where do i get them. are they there in the manual
seek a diag and post codes
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It could be the traction control system is coming on for some reason when it should not be active. Check all your tires to make sure they are the same size and matching brand. Check the air pressures in the tires also. A tire of differing diameter can cause traction control system problems.
the tires are ok. my question is whyis it that it does that in the afternoon when the temparatures are high