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2000 Buick Century Question: Traction control

Does my traction control work on my 2000 Buick century custom -
Answer 1
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no traction light and service vehical soon light is on. and the brake light goes on and off. have brakes shimmy in front end when over 60 mph. had bushing put in and bearing in the driver side ever...
To whom this may concern I'am so so sorry it was not my brake light it is my antilock light.
When applying the brakes,there is a sudden loss in presure,then the ABS (trac off) lights up on the dash, What component in the ABS system has failed?
You push on the brakes and they work fine but as soon as you take just a little pressure off of the system, The pedal wants to go to the floor. Don't no if they need to bleed or not, I don't see an...