trac-control and check engine light both came on solid on 2010 Chevrolet Impala

DIC says engine power decreased. driving in snow a little slippery 38 miles . with about 6 miles to go lights came on drove last 6 miles with lights on didnt want to goose it because it was slippery so I dont know if there was a lack of power. Could something have just got wet and caused the lights to come on

by in Winthrop, IA on December 30, 2013
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ANSWER by , December 30, 2013
Well if the traction control comes on, then it asks the ECM for reduced power to help compensate for the mixed signals received from the sensors. The Anti Lock brake module is the main component that is in charge of this operation. To ensure there is no problem, have the brake module scanned with a Tech2 scanner, ( same as what the dealer uses ), and verify if there is a possible fault. If your light is off now then the ABS was working properly during the slip & slide driving, It was trying to compensate to keep you from going out of control and it could not with all the slipping.
COMMENT by , December 30, 2013
Thank you I am going out now to start car and see if lights are still on. It did sound like the car was telling itself to back off engine power however it wasnt bad slippery like freezing rain and I've driven in a lot worse without these lights coming on so was a bit nervous about it and didnt know if driving last 6 miles would hurt anything
COMMENT by , December 30, 2013
It's supposed to do that so you won't over drive the conditions without the control. Let me know if anything else.
COMMENT by , December 31, 2013
went back out trac-control light was off. Took it for about a mile drive, goosed it a couple times and trac control light came on and flashed normally but engine light still on but doesn't say anything about reduced engine power now on the DIC
COMMENT by , December 31, 2013
Have the ABS module scanned for a fault, wheel sensor, steering sensor should show up. Let me know, prefer someone use a Tech2 scanner.
COMMENT by , January 02, 2014
The next day I had to drive about 20 miles (1-1-2014). Engine light was still on. I waited for stepson along interstate where his car broke down. After about 20 min idling I thought I'm not going to burn all my gas up so I shut it off. When his ride brought him to where I was I started the car back up and the light was off. it has been today also. I drove nearly 90 miles to work & back . No warning lights on and seemed to run fine.
COMMENT by , January 02, 2014
That's great, maybe it has cleared. If it doesn't see the fault again after a period of time, it will shut the warning off. Good Luck and Happy New Year. I'll be around if you need me.