ToyotaCamry 2000 Hard start after 6-8 hrs of rest on 2000 Toyota Camry

I have Toyota Camry 2000. In the morning (after 6-8 hours of rest), the car does not start up normal. I have to press the gas pedal and then start. If I pump the gas pedal and crank up, it starts. Then I have to keep the pedal pressed for few minutes and then go. I have change the fuel pump and filter

Why is happening? Someone pls help

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Typical problem with gen4 and gen4.5 camrys. The problem is associated with your idle air control (IAC) valve. You can try cleaning it. Get a can of carburetor cleaner or throttle plate cleaner from any parts store (make sure the cleaner you get is safe for O2 sensors and catalytic converters). Remove air intake hose and using a rag and old toothbrush, spray the cleaner and scrub away the carbon built up in the intake valve. You'll see a square opening in the bottom of the intake (this is the passageway to the IAC valve). Spray the cleaner directly into this port. You don't need to empty the whole can but be generous. Then put everything back together and start (it may take a few starts before it gets going - give it a little gas to help). Good luck.
Thank you for the response. I read on this forum about Temperature sensor , so I decided to change mine two days back, THE PROBLEM WAS SOLVED, now my car start once.

There is another issue, each time I slow down after a fast drive the car JERK. I just hope the fuel filter or pump has not failed again? Please I need response ASAP.
The jerking is due to a clogged IAC valve. The conditions you are describing are very typical of a bad IAC valve. It wouldn't hurt to get in there and clean it out.
Thanks , I will do what you have said
You're welcome. Let me know how it goes and how the car drives afterwards. Good luck.
Still not okay ?
I suggest you check for vacuum leaks especially around the EGR valve and VSV. It can also be due to a dirty EGR valve (mine was so dirty one time that it caused the MIL light to come on in the dash). But the EGR valve can be the culprit and still not cause the check engine light to be on. Can you give me a better description as to what the symptoms are. Thanks and good luck.
Thanks, I really appreciate your contributions.
There were no Vacuum leaks around the EGR valve and VSV.
So I decided to re-check the faulty cold restart Model Number with the replaced one
There were discrepancies between then, the original model number: 89422-35010 4B20 while the replaced model number: 89462-20030 series
I finally got one with this model number: 89422-35010 series.
M y car now work perfectly well .
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Your problem is the IAC motor/sensor. It's stands for Idle-air contol valve.your welcome