Toyota Tacoma Recalls

RepairPal Expert Overview on June 2, 2016

For vehicles equipped with aftermarket accessory seat heaters, the seat heater elements in the front seats may short circuit if they are damaged by the seat cushion being compressed over time. This could result in a fire hazard.

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 14, 2015

The bolts that secure the front driver's knee air bag module may loosen over time and affect the operation and performance of the air bag during an accident. This could increase risk of driver injury.

RepairPal Expert Overview on February 23, 2015

The tire pressure listed on the tire placard label lists improper inflation pressure information. This could result in improperly inflated tires, leading to a risk of tire failure or loss of vehicle control.

RepairPal Expert Overview on December 30, 2014

Vehicle accessories may not have been correctly installed and my detach.

RepairPal Expert Overview on November 19, 2014

The seat heater may not work because of a damaged heating element.

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 22, 2014

The data that shows the proper load capacity that the vehicle can carry may be incorrect. This could lead to overloading the vehicle, resulting in an accident.

RepairPal Expert Overview on September 29, 2014

The rear leaf springs may break and puncture the fuel tank, resulting in a fuel leak.

RepairPal Expert Overview on August 4, 2014

The information printed on a sticker located on the vehicle that states the proper spare tire size and inflation pressure may be incorrect. This could allow for improper tire inflation and lead to spare tire failure if utilized.

RepairPal Expert Overview on April 9, 2014

The driver's front airbag may not deploy as expected in the event of a crash.

RepairPal Expert Overview on February 12, 2014

The Antilock Brake System (ABS), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), and Traction Control (TC) systems may not function as expected and associated warning lights would be illuminated.