Toyota Avalon Hybrid Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Toyota Avalon Hybrid

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Toyota Avalon Hybrid
$27 to $62
Toyota Avalon Hybrid
$149 to $285
Toyota Avalon Hybrid
$54 to $103
Toyota Avalon Hybrid
$54 to $102
Toyota Avalon Hybrid
$157 to $268

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As part of normal operation of the air conditioning system, condensation will accumulate in the condenser housing behind the dashboard. A drain is incorporated so that excess water can drain out. This drain hose can become plugged, the accumulated water can leak onto the airbag control module. This can result in an electrical short in the control module. If this were to occur the airbags could become disabled or deploy unexpectedly. Improper airbag operation increases the risk of personal injury and/or a crash. The power steering assist could also become inoperable resulting in increased steering effort. Dealers will seal the air conditioning condenser housing and install a protective cover on the airbag control module to correct this concern.

An electrical short can develop in the windshield wiper switch assembly. As a result, the wipers may not function as expected. If the driver's visibility is reduced the risk of a crash increases. Dealers will replace the wiper switch assembly in affected vehicles to correct this concern.

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