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Have replaced Crank Shaft Sensor and Cam Sensor and still idling low. Diagnostic says Cam Sensor still and light will not go off. Truck has 130,000 miles.
my truck changed water pump , head gasket , radiator , replaced fan calutch with electric fans and stil overheating on litle of off road over sands near the beach
Is it just a straight pull with pliars to release what remins of knob and then replacement just pushes on?
info from different web sites and manuals to change the 4whl drive actuator. No help still will not go in 4whl high. Indicator light on panel blinks when pushed to 4whl high,and will go out in 2whl drive as it should...
blue light in dash wont show its on bright. thanks Joe S
My truck runs but I have a lot of lights on . the a/c don't turn on or radio head lights . I replaced the 120 amp fuse in it . nd the 4wheel drive low high lights were on before I replaced the fuse now its working . a...
When I put it in neutral or park the sound quits. It appears to be from transmission since it stops making vibrating sound. Any advice or solutions.
I've got 150K miles on my 2006 Tundra. I've had the transmission oil replaced early on with some type of very slick Ford product, and had some wheel bearings replaced within 10K miles. Other than changing the oil ever...
i have a 2006 tundra, when i turn off switch for headlights, they will stay on. also when disconnecting the battery and connecting it back. the terminals will spark. there must be something staying on or have somethin...
Hello, I have a 2006 Toyota Tundra. When I come to a complete stop I feel a kick from what i think is the transmission. My transmission does not slip or miss any gears . Is this something i should worry about?
I took my 2006 Tundra in for an oil change and the mechanic pointed out that my Water Pump was leaking. I have never had an overheating problems. How can I be sure it needs a replacement?
I have a 2006 toyota tundra v6 4.0L i have replaced the Alternator, battery and positive battery cable, when the car is first at idle the Alternator seems to charge fine 13.90volts until the truck idles down they i on...
The power mirror controls buttons are pushed in and won't pop back out. Need to remove the panel.
How do i seperate the wheel bearing from the hub