The radiator cracked away from the top of the seem and apparently it caused the engine to misfire at 40% in the 4th cylinder

It is throwing codes p0102, p0111, and p0113 what do I need to replace to fix it

I usually do regularly scheduled maintenance on the truck. The website only lists that up to 150,000 miles which I just had the service done for. I know that the book usually starts over for service so what mileage should I go by for 155,000?

it seems to run fine. there is no smoking from exhaust ,performance is the same.
is there a seal somewhete

Losing power steering

check the fuel pump relay and fuse

It will sometimes go into 4WD in neutral, but has been very inconsistent.

best results are after first startup in park or neutral. once truck is warm and has been driving, it will not enter 4WD

I had the thermostat and housing replaced. Now that it's getting cold out, when the temperature gauge reads quarter to half way, I get intermittent heat in the cab. Then all of a sudden it gets warm to hot. I shut the truck off, do my errands, and return, cold air with the gauge at half. Then again warm to hot air maybe five minutes later. Any ideas?

Bought new fob,replaced batteries on others but fobs work when directly beside truck, not from any distance. Once in a while they work as they should.. thanks for any help.

truck dies when i stop when it is ideling it sounds different what could the battery being dead that long do to the computer