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Just quit, throttle doesn't respond to the pedal pressure. It reved up a couple of times.
I changed the sensor for a smog check but they told me the cycle hasn't completed yet.
have 198k miles and still does same thing, but never had any engine problems. Are there any other symptoms that this would cause. no check engine lights but was wondering if 02 sensors should be replaced as they never...
I found the #6 coil pack burnt all plastic off and windings were in spark plug area. Truck has power, no blown fuses but still want start.
It sounds perfect before that speed, and if i hit the gas swiftly it goes away for a few moments. Any answers?
My mechanic says that trying to get the bolts off (I live in the "rust belt") would be extremely difficult and would probably all break. Should I get this repaired? Am I okay "safety wise"?
at what mileage or length of time should a belt or chain be replaced
need new rotors and caliper left and right side new rear drum and shoes also have look at them and they are leaking and drums and rotors are to far gone to save I could do it myself but time I do not have
can engage the gear selected, but clutch pedal will not return from floor
turn signal and brake light work on truck but the right side turn and brake do not work on trailer I checked fuses inside and in engine they are fine is there anything else I need to check
turn switch to heater but only cool air coming out thanks you