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The noise seems to stop after u give It some gas if u stop it keeps making the noise but eventually the noise stop
The trucks frame was replaced, was running fine for a month, then it wouldn't start, it would just click.So I replaced the battery, starter, starter relay, and cleaned the terminals. It still just clicks, even when I ...
I went to your site, got an estimate of repair and contacted the listed shop that you had on your site, yet when I called them their price was double yours that was estimated. then they told me that they couldn't hono...
The truck spends most of the time in the garage and tires looks good.
Have replaced the knob, but the temperature will not adjust
i plan to replace my timing belt, water pump, and associated parts. just wanted to know engine type. thanks cliffday
When I removed the leaf springs the assembly sprung up against bed. Lowered rearend to get unit out. Is there a trick to getting leaf assembly back into position? Thanks
i did notice the driver front shock lower bushing is badly deteriated and falling out - would this be the cause or what else should i look at?
What do i need to do to remove the front rotors?
4x4 tries to kick in while driveing 4x4 high light flashes will not go in 4 low gets stuck in 4x4 can be out of 4x4 when restart it will kick in lifted all 4 wheels off the ground pushed button several ti...