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Need to replace airbag sensors or the computer to get truck going so I can get it okay by high way patrol
I have a impact gun and the exhaust bolts remain difficult to loosen. Help, please and what are the torque settings? And, how do I check the new manifolds for leaks before I install them? Thanks for being there for ...
What causes an intermittent problem with 2007 Toyota Tundra Crank but doesn't start; however after waiting for a period will start.
In the attempt to replace my battery, my cable connectors literally fell apart. There are 3 cables coming up to the positive post. Any videos available anywhere to show how to replace the connectors?
4.7 4x4 I have the spring compression tool on the strut spring but it still ain't enough
did not remove steering rack, just the column, can not get the steering wheel in the right alignment with the front wheel
Some mornings it will turn over immediately other mornings it may click up to 10 times before connecting. I have three friends who all are experiencing the same issue. I am convinced it is not the starter but an elect...
my truck ticks when you first start it up it does it when it sets for a bit
had a problem before and had to change something in the stearing column
What is typical dealership cost to replace AC Clutch Relay
I would like to know as to what is the reason for the high labor charges? Can you please let me know what is involved with replacing the exhaust manifolds on this vehicle?
When should the timing belt be replaced if mileage is less than 50,000?